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Find me if you can?

How being online can help you acquire new & more customers.


Online = surge

By being online you multiply your chances of getting discovered, by new customers, to a scale that is impossible in offline mode.

It gives a surge to your chances of being found by new customers. So if you are a business that needs new customers, you have to be online.

Even otherwise if you have a decent website & are being found by people searching for your line of offerings, an effective online strategy helps to grow your branding.


Million $ question

Is it possible for you to know who needs your offerings right now and is ready to buy?

For most businesses the above is impossible.

So why not get online with a relevant website & targetted ad campaigns, such that whenever someone is searching for your offerings, they find you at the right time, every time.


We can help

We can design a tailor made online strategy exclusively for your business & can ensure that you are found by online searchers, whenever they need you.

If you are willing to spend a few minutes to understand how this can be done for your business, please drop us your contacts in the form below.

Else if you want to study more on this, please visit

Out of sight, out of mind?

How can you make your customers remember you.


Retaining customers = sustainable business.

Its the hidden truth behind every enterprise that has survived the test of time. Businesses who nurture their customers with integrity, passion & empathy, have been successful.

Customer retention makes your business recession proof to a great extent.

Its critical that you devise your own strategy to make your customers always remember you.


Lasting impressions

For ages, gurus have said that customers buy into the experience, and not what you are selling.

Experiences are created out of impressions. So deliver a lasting impression the 1st time and every time.


CX Orientation

Delivering a good customer experience, cannot be trained. Good CX is a matter of orientation.

Details like correct content, informative mailers, on-time notifications, useful calls, fast responses, effective resolutions - all of these go into delivering a good CX.

We can help you with CX orientation, just share your pain areas. Or you can learn on your own at

Introduction to Cx4all

Cx4All is an initiative, which I believe, will help enterprises to identify and undertake measures that will endear them to their customers.

It is not magic!

It takes time and it evolves over a period of time wherein you and I can continuously work on different measures to drive a better CX. 

In today's age, the most effective media to drive CX is online, that is why content is critical. I can help you with this.
How I can help you? Call, Whatsapp or Email me. Or you can drop us a note.

I have been in the field of content designing, writing, proofing and publishing or printing for 19 years now. Been mostly working for my own setups. I have been responsible for all customer relationships, which has evolved into Customer Experience in modern parlance.

* 1997 - 2001 - been working for NIIT in various roles.
* 2003 - 2012 - setup and worked for a IT education & training startup. Grew to be one of the biggest in Eastern India.
* Since 2012- setup and working for a niche telecom & automation software solutions company. Made it to Red Herring Top 100 Asia finalists, established as an OEM Brand in GeM portal.

Common thread all through has been I build my own content for all marketing, operations or business processes - websites, flyers, brochures, manuals, videos. Not a single paisa spent outside. Made mistakes, learnt and evolved.

I bring all that experience into my work for Cx4All. Know more about how I can help you? CallWhatsapp or Email me. No obligations.

Some of the key items that we have delivered are:
* Websites - we design, develop & host websites for private & government departments. With CERT-IN security audit for hosting on NIC or State Data Centers.
* Brochures - complete design, content writing, proofing of online or print marketing brochures, posters, presentations (videos or slide-decks), flip-charts.
* Documentations -  writing, editing & proofing of product, services and operations documents like whitepapers, datasheets, user manuals, SOPs, proposals, forms, emails.

You can check my portfolio - all references can be provided, just send us a note.



How to drive your CX?

Share your email id and we will send you regular inputs on this.

Online content services

We ensure 100% error free content for all your documents, websites, articles, blogs, marketing materials. No spelling errors, grammar mistakes, no plagiarized stuff.


Directory listings

The fastest and easiest way to commence your online presence is to have your business listed on the popular online directories. We can help you create effective listings with the right text & image content. 


Website / portals / e-commerce sites

Websites or portals are the corner stone of your online visbility. This is your online identity, this is what people will visit and read and make an impression about you and your business and like in the real world, the 1st impression is often the last impression. So make an impression worth remembering. We can help you design the site and the develop the content and host it on the Web. If you plan to have an online product catalogue or online shop we can help you setup an e-commerce site, which will be good to start selling with.


Social media posts

People are more social nowdays, than ever before. Of course all the social interaction happens on the digital media. It is therefore critical for your business to be visible on these social media sites. That is not necessarily only through ads. Good, informative social media content also pulls in visitors and generates referrals and traffic to your online and offline store fronts. We can help you with designing campaigns, contents, posts, replies for all your social media activities.



This is an often neglected part of digital marketing, but those who have done it successfully, rarely have had to run expensive ad campaigns. Blogs are a very effective means of gaining the trust of your visitors, it shows your expertise, knowledge, experience about the subject, product, service that you are selling. We can plan your blog posts, write or proof your blog contents to ensure relevant and error free content.



We can write articles on your behalf for various campaigns both online or offline. You can let us know the sizing required and any compliance, we can deliver content that will be effective. You can use these articles can be used for print, online, electronic media publishing. This builds credibility.


Marketing materials

We will help design and develop all your marketing collaterals - presentations, explainer videos, datasheets, brochures, flyers, posters, whitepapers etc. Both for online or print media. 


Internal documents

Internal documentation helps build your credibility with your own employees, they need to feel confident about the organsation they are working for. Having correct content for such documentations absoutely critical in building that confidence. Documents like manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) documents, forms, draft agreements, policy documents, emails, etc are all critical in helping build & growing a company internally.

Why Choose Us?

The 3 key values that we bring on, when you engage with us.



When we take up a task, we take up the responsibility to complete it successfully. No half measures or half steps and definitely no surprises. We don't like surprises.



We understand the pressures of running a business, especially during the early stages. We guarantee to be there with you, whenever you need us. We jump when you say.



Content errors damage your reputation and give a sorry impression. We guarantee error-free, non-plagiarized, royalty-free content, so that you donot face any embarrassments.

Driving your online presence

The 3 pillars using which we can drive an effective & synchronized online presence for your business.



We will design, schedule and execute an effective online campaign calender, which will provide a timeline for your digital initiatives and activities across all your online properties.


Online properties

Your websites, portals, social media profiles, pages, blogs, video channels, PR channels are referred to as your online properties. Just like any other real estate, you need to nurture, maintain and improve them, so that in the long run they prove to be an asset for you.



Action without metrics is not useful to achieveing goals. So we will help you monitor your online properties in terms of traffic, visitors, time spent, responses, referrals, shares and then evaluate the trends. Take corrective actions whenever and wherever necessary.

CX Orientation

CX adoption in enterprises is some thing that we are committed to. We believe and have seen that good CX = good memories = good impression = business. We undertake online CX orientation sessions over remote access or self-paced learning materials. 

Do fill up this form below with your requirement and ideas on CX, we will come back to you with a best match proposal. Or sign up for updates on CX Orientation.

Bespoke Services

Customer specific or request specific adhoc services that we provide based on requirements.


CERT-IN audit & certification

We can get your websites or web applications certified as per CERT-IN or OWASP compliance requirements, which are mandated for secure websites and also helps build visitor confidence. This is a must for government websites, insurance sites to name a few.


Web application development

If you are looking for building a CRM/ERP or some sort of web based application, we can help you develop the same. We can help you support the application in the long term if you wish or we can hand over application code to your in-house support or IT team. So no lock-ins from our side.


Mobile application development

We can help design and develop your mobile applications for any process you require. We work on both Android and iOS platforms. Additionally we can help you host it on their respective app stores, under your registration and privacy policies.


Device based solutions

We provide telephony equipments - GSM (SIM) gateways, PRI cards; complete GPS based vehicle tracking or asset tracking solutions; 

Drop us a note

If you feel that Cx4All can address any of your queries or concerns related to content, online and whole process, do drop us a note and we will start a discussion to bring in some clarity. 


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