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CX Consultation Services

Listen, understand & set examples...

Our consultation is not about all talk and meetings and discussions.
We follow the time-tested, much advocated process of listening to your thoughts, ideas, issues, observing & understanding your current operations, then, once we have some ideas to share or suggest, we would explain the same by putting it into action, initially in a controlled environment, then pilot it and based on the results go live with it.
Needless to mention, if you feel distance is an hinderance to consultation, our methods might seem unorthodox to the extent of not being appealing to you.
Mail us @ ideate@cxforall.com.

CX Orientation Services

Change in thinking...

We sincerely believe, as human beings, we cannot be trained. 
We are intelligent beings, we think and anything that stops us from thinking and makes us do without thinking, we fail to adopt or accept.
So we do not train.
We try something much simpler, we try to give you new thoughts, ideas, which you can think about, and to which if you agree, you will accept and adopt.
Once you adopt new ideas, change will come. That change is the orientation we aim to bring about.
Orientation towards delivering a better CX. 
Mail us @ ideate@cxforall.com.

Managed CX Services

We take care of your CX...

We understand that you would always want to focus on your core capabilities, better your products and services. 
Needless to mention, no matter how good is the CX, but it still comes next to the core product or service that the customer is buying from you, so that needs to perfect.
So while you focus on your core act, we will work as an extended team, to build your CX practice and ensure your customers get the same passionate CX, that you would want them to experience.
The key point is we work as part of your team, not as an outsourced partner.
Mail us @ ideate@cxforall.com.